Turkish Airlines Increase Malaysia Frequency

As the airline that flies to most countries in the world and connects best to ex-Malaysia destination regions with its immense network, Turkish Airlines increasing scheduled flights from Kuala Lumpur starting from 10 June 2019, totaling 11 frequencies a week operating with a brand new B789 Dreamliner aircraft. More info about Turkish Airlines at www.turkishairlines.com Source : Turkish Airlines Inc. 1 Jalan Pinang, Menara Prestige 20-350450 … Continue reading Turkish Airlines Increase Malaysia Frequency

Gorilla tourism in Africa

The history of gorilla tourism in Africa can be traced back to 1902 when Robert Von Beringe a Germany Capt. and the first European to observe mountain gorillas along Mount Sabyinyo. In 1903, they were scientifically termed as Gorilla gorilla beringei by Matschie and in 1925, Carl Akeley convinced King Albert to establish Albert National Park which became the first park in Africa. Today, majority … Continue reading Gorilla tourism in Africa

Qatar Airways expands Malaysia Airlines codeshare deal

Qatar Airways has announced an expanded codeshare cooperation with Malaysia Airlines. Starting from January 27th, and subject to regulatory approval, the new agreement will strengthen the two airlines’ strategic partnership, first initiated in 2001. With ten Qatar Airways destinations covered by the airlines’ current codeshare cooperation, the expanded agreement will allow Malaysia Airlines passengers to book travel to 20 additional Qatar Airways gateways in Europe, … Continue reading Qatar Airways expands Malaysia Airlines codeshare deal

Tempo by Hilton joins growing portfolio

Hilton has launched Tempo by Hilton, what it is calling an approachable lifestyle brand. It is curated to serve a growing segment of “modern achievers” who seek a hotel experience that reflects their ambition. By combining thoughtful design and diverse lifestyle partnerships, Tempo by Hilton seeks to provide hotel owners and developers with a highly scalable brand that is both uplifting and within reach for … Continue reading Tempo by Hilton joins growing portfolio

Qatar Airways Announces Eight New Destinations at the Kuwait Aviation Show 2020

New destinations: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – Two weekly flights (starting 30 March 2020) Almaty, Kazakhstan – Two weekly flights starting 1 April 2020, increasing to four weekly flights from 25 May 2020 Cebu, Philippines – Three weekly flights (starting 8 April 2020) Accra, Ghana – Daily flights (starting 15 April 2020) Trabzon, Turkey – Three weekly flights (starting 20 May 2020) Lyon, France – Five weekly … Continue reading Qatar Airways Announces Eight New Destinations at the Kuwait Aviation Show 2020

Top Class Turkey

Over the centuries, Turkey has been a magnet for people visiting its beautiful land, with its fascinating historical sites and magnificent panoramic views. Sitting across two continents, Turkey is dream holiday destination. From the bustling metropolis of Istanbul to the spectacular landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey offers the perfect combination of the ancient and new. In Istanbul, travellers are treated to a dizzying array of historical sites being preserved … Continue reading Top Class Turkey

16 Things You Should Never Do during Chinese New Year

Chinese People regard their right practice during Chinese New Year as an omen of luck for the coming year. Not only observing the festival by adhering to ancient rules, they would also try to avoid violating various taboos. Some of those Chinese New Year taboos will only sustain for first few days of the festival, while others may be kept till the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of … Continue reading 16 Things You Should Never Do during Chinese New Year

The grandeur of Russia

Visit iconic monuments and see treasures from the past in one of Europe’s oldest cities FOR all its great political and social upheavals which have given rise to many a good movie script, the largest country on earth has never quite popped up on glossy tourist brochures boasting a “bucket list” of must-see architectural wonders like the Eiffel Tower or the iconic Taj Mahal. Neither does … Continue reading The grandeur of Russia

The Netherlands sheds its “Holland” nickname in the new year

The Netherlands is taking “new year, new you” to another level in 2020. The European country is dropping its nickname – Holland – in favor of its proper name in all dealings going forward.  As The Sydney Morning Herald reported in late December, the move – a €200,000 ($319,000) rebrand that includes a new logo and requires companies, universities, ministries, and embassies to refer to the Netherlands by its official … Continue reading The Netherlands sheds its “Holland” nickname in the new year