Autumn leaves forecasted to appear later in Tokyo and Japan for 2019

Summer is slowly coming to a close and we’re dreaming of crisp walks along ginkgo-lined avenues and hikes surrounded by vermillion trees. Unfortunately, the weather is still hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement.

The late summer’s blazing temperatures, now expected through October, will likely delay this year’s autumn foliage, as reported in The Japan Times. Northern Sapporo, the first city with turning leaves, is expected to peak around November 7 for red maple leaves and November 6 for yellow ginkgo leaves. On average, this year’s foliage will be delayed by twelve to thirteen days. 

Tokyo will have to wait even longer, until December 3, to see peak maple leaf colours. Kyoto will also peak around this time, even though it usually precedes Tokyo by a couple of weeks. Ginkgo leaves change colours slightly earlier and Tokyo is expected turn yellow on November 27. 

Can’t wait for the leaves to turn in Tokyo? The Japan Meteorological Corporation says autumn will make an appearance in Nagoya on November 18 for ginkgo leaves. Even southern Fukuoka is expected to get yellow ginkgo leaves earlier than Tokyo, on November 24. Sendai is expecting red maple leaves as early as November 26. 

However, this is just the first forecast, so we’ll keep you updated as we approach autumn. With this year’s erratic weather – including an extra-long rainy season, wild typhoons and a seemingly never-ending summer – we’d just have to stay on our toes. 

In the meantime, take advantage of the extra time and start planning your visit to these destinations and events in Tokyo for the best autumn leaves experience

Source : TimeOut Tokyo